Senior Platform Engineer

👋 Read about Deta first!

At Deta ( we are trying to push the limits of two critical technologies — personal and cloud computing — for developers around the world.

As part of our Platform Engineering team, you’ll build delightfully fast global cloud services like Deta Micros & Deta Base, powering the ideas of developers and their applications across the planet.

We’re interested in both generalists and specialists. You could be a cloud head, a distributed systems nerd, virtualization geek, security wiz, or operating systems guru. Join us and never be bored.

Our core stack: Go, Kubernetes, AWS (EKS, EC2, Lambda, etc) and PostgreSQL.

Your Role

  • Spec, code, test, deploy, integrate, secure, scale, maintain and monitor robust and performant services
  • Ship (hot)fixes (occasionally on weekends)
  • Work with the product team to create new and experimental cloud programs and services
  • Always be on the lookout to improve, simplify & modernize our services

Your Profile

The following profile is a just suggestion, and we will hire engineers who don’t satisfy all the requirements but they are amazing at something important.

  • +2 years of experience building robust and scalable web services using Go or Rust
  • OR +5 years of experience building web services using a different language and a strong willingness to learn Go & Rust
  • Extensive Experience with Big Cloud providers like AWS, Azure & GCP
  • Solid experience with Kubernetes
  • Fluency in SQL
  • Solid understanding of large scale, distributed web services
  • Solid understanding of virtualization and cloud security
  • Ability to write clean, robust, performant, and secure web applications
  • Ability to take ownership and responsibility of services, even in bad scenarios

Our Typical Process

  • Initial Call
  • Call with the Deta CEO
  • Trial project
  • De-brief call & references
  • Offer

🖖 To apply, please send a short note to with your CV and any links to things you've built (optional).