Work at Deta

The cloud for doers & dreamers

Deta is building a new kind of computer called the “personal cloud”. The personal cloud lets people unleash ideas which are impractical — if not impossible — using conventional clouds and personal computers.

Mission – Deta wants to give anyone in the world the freedom to:

  • build global-scale apps without thinking about infrastructure
  • control and unlock their apps and data on the web

Stage – With thousands of developers joining us each month and hundreds of millions of requests served, we’re just getting started!

ProductsDeta Space

Money – We’ve raised millions of Euros from amazing investors and are ready to grow! Some of them are listed here.

Team – We’re a group of noobs and outsiders who were able to get thousand of developers to fall in love with Deta. Our HQ is currently based in Schöneberg, Berlin, Germany 👩‍🎤 but we hire all over the world.

Open Roles

Come build the Personal Cloud with us!

You think you have special superpowers, but there’s no matching role?

Email us why you are going to make Deta better at