Product Marketer

👋 Read about Deta first!

At Deta we are trying to push the limits of two critical technologies — personal and cloud computing — for developers around the world.

As our first got-to-market hire, you will be *the person* tasked with getting the word out about Deta. You’ll execute on and professionalize our marketing across the board.

Your Role

  • Understanding the company’s product suite and vision, as well as the wider developer tools market
  • Developing novel channels to grow our developer community
  • Maximizing the impact of the developer community in building apps on Deta
  • Organizing & executing different campaigns: hackathons, newsletters, Deta VC
  • Following web development trends to aid in product development and positioning
  • Creating and maintaining dashboards around quantitative marketing metrics
  • Crafting compelling writing & content across different media: product announcements, tweets, emails, YouTube, etc.

Your Profile

The following profile is a just suggestion, and we will hire product marketers who don’t satisfy all the requirements but they are amazing at something important.

  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Good story teller
  • Grasp for synthesizing & finding the story / common thread between disparate pieces of data
  • Ability to execute complex projects with many moving parts and deadlines
  • Comfortable creating structure out of nothing
  • Ability to code and fluency with web development is a plus

Our Typical Process

  • Initial call
  • Skills deep dive
  • Call with the Deta CEO
  • Trial project
  • De-brief & references
  • Offer

🖖 To apply, please send an email to with your CV, a cover letter and links to things you've written, if you have any.