Developer Advocate

👋 Read about Deta first!

At Deta we are trying to push the limits of two critical technologies — personal and cloud computing — for developers around the world.

We are looking for a highly skilled communicator to join our team as a Developer Advocate. In this role, you will be responsible for educating and supporting the developer community in building apps for the personal cloud.

Your Role

As a Developer Advocate, you’ll communicate with, and craft fruitful relationships between developers and Deta through content and personal interactions. Due in large part to the Developer Advocate’s work, Deta will have:

  • An active and growing community of developers building for the personal cloud
  • Great 1-to-1 and 1-to-many communications, through various channels, from Deta to developers. Highlighting Deta Space and keeping it top of mind
  • An extensive library of engaging content (videos, blog posts, demo apps) for developers about Deta Space and the personal cloud
  • Excellent support for developers building apps for the personal cloud
  • Grade-A developer documentation
  • Hyper sensitive ears that hear developers’ needs, with a strong voice for these needs internally at Deta

The Developer Advocate will start out as an individual contributor, but within 3 months should be leading large initiatives which drive these outcomes.

Your Profile

The following profile is a just suggestion, and we will hire Developer Advocates who don’t satisfy all the requirements but they are amazing at something important.

  • The ideal candidate will have strong written and verbal communication skills, and be comfortable with one-to-many communication
  • A deep understanding of web development or programming. Fluency in at least JavaScript or Python
  • Excellent storyteller, with the ability to get at the common thread among many seemingly unrelated inputs
  • High empathy and good listening skills
  • An eye for promising developers and web concepts / applications
  • Working from Berlin (can start remotely, with intent to relocate)

Our Typical Process

  • Initial call
  • Skills deep dive
  • Call with the Deta CEO
  • Trial project
  • De-brief & references
  • Offer

đź–– To apply, please send an email to with your CV, a cover letter and links to content and / or things you've created, if you have any.